Sacramental registers reveal bonds of early Catholic communities

It’s February and the stores are no doubt filled with chocolates, roses and more heart decorations than a cardiologist convention. St. Valentine’s Day is just another day that Catholics can stand back and truly appreciate how deeply rooted and influential our beloved faith is on Western culture. Catholic or not, it is a feast day that nobody wants to be left out of.

The first Christmas in the Diocese of Owensboro

The Diocese of Owensboro’s first Christmas really does have all the makings of a classic Christmas tale. Through the final cold days of a hard year, parishioners remain prayerful, and faith-filled and are given a blessing that renews the spirit of hope and joy.

The unusual origin of this mysterious reliquary

The St. Pius V relic and reliquary, made from a former alarm clock. COURTESY OF ARCHIVESBY EDWARD WILSON, ARCHIVES In the November 2020 issue of the WKC, the archives featured a relic of St. Veneranda as “The most remarkable relic in the Diocese of Owensboro’s...

Our Catholic church picnics: The sacred and the savory

It has been a long time coming, but after the hiatus last year, picnic season is back. Men’s groups, cooking teams, and Knights of Columbus will start striking up the grills and boiling the burgoo. Though these events have gotten smaller over the years, they have deep cultural roots that undergird many parishes.