‘I am a key to peace’ – Bishop Soenekker’s 1973 Christmas message

The Christmas season has the power to bring out the best in all of us. Giving, gathering, and sharing, this time of year we become more Christlike than any other. It is almost paradoxical that our heightened joy during Christmas exists alongside the sadness that we can feel when we reflect on the state of the world during these cold, early nights. That sadness perhaps comes from the most Christlike parts of us.

Preserving the Requiem Mass of Bishop Francis R. Cotton

During November, the Church celebrates those holy souls who have gone on to attain their heavenly reward. Keeping with this theme, I usually feature a relic from the archives for the November article. However, the archives is currently working on a very special project and the first fruits of this venture fit perfectly into this month’s celebration.

Archival growth brings in fascinating new additions to be explored in months to come

Each year, The Western Kentucky Catholic (WKC) takes a small two-month hiatus in June and July. I have been told this is the result of Mel Howard’s, the publication’s founding editor, preferred schedule to focus on his farm over the summertime. This schedule makes me feel as though the paper starts a new season following the break. There are several new additions to the archives that should make this next 10 months of articles quite interesting.