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Fr. Stephen Van Lal Than

This year’s team, which coordinated the Joy, Laughter, and Holiness Women’s Retreat in Uniontown, Ky., along with the guest speakers. (Left to right) Michelle Crider, vocalist; Rose Mary Trowbridge, speaker; Beth Hendrickson; Linda Baird; Kristy Malik, speaker; Jill Utley, and Kelly Joiner. COURTESY OF BETH HENDRICKSON

God’s healing love the focus of 2024 Joy, Laughter, and Holiness Women’s Retreat


Not only did God bless us with beautiful weather on Feb. 3, but he also blessed the day with beautiful women ready to soak in his goodness and share it with others.

Joy, Laughter, and Holiness Women’s Retreat opened with a dedication to one of the team members who died from her battle with cancer on Jan. 7.  Lisa Burke had shared her faith story with us last year; a copy of her story, “Mary Did You Know” was shared with all guests.

Approximately 170 women from around the diocese gathered at St. Agnes Hall in Uniontown. Vocalist Michelle Crider led the retreat in beautiful song throughout the event. The Holy Spirit was alive and working throughout the day in song and word.

Guests were served breakfast and enjoyed a coffee bar. The coffee bar was provided by Iron-Stein Coffee of Morganfield, serving coffee produced in Columbia and roasted in Morganfield.

Retreat participants were delighted with faith stories from Kristy Malik and Rose Mary Trowbridge.

Kristy, from Virginia, shared stories drawing every woman present toward an experience of God’s healing love and redemption; calling everyone to fully embrace the amazing plan that he has for our lives. Kristy is involved with the Walking with Purpose program; she is a blogger, speaker, and content creator for the ministry.

Kristy helped all present realize that wherever life has taken you, no matter the choices you have made or the burdens that are on your heart, no one is ever disqualified from God’s healing grace. Kristy shared her personal journey of healing, where she felt and allowed God’s healing graces to come into her heart, renewing his daughter in Christ.

On Feb. 3, several women from St. Mary Magdalene Parish in Sorgho join an excited group from Sts. Joseph and Paul Parish in Owensboro to attend the Joy, Laughter, and Holiness Women’s Retreat in Uniontown, Ky. COURTESY OF LAVIDA MISCHEL

She reminded each of us that there is strength in numbers. In this digital age, where we are all seemingly “connected” all the time, there are a growing number of lonely and depressed people in the world. Kristy provided everyone with a better biblical understanding of community and how to cultivate community in our own lives.

Rose Mary Trowbridge, from Owensboro, formerly of Morganfield, shared her story of powerful miracles that have happened to her during her life. After a diagnosis of cancer and given just two years to live about 20 years ago, she continues to draw those she meets closer to Jesus Christ in their own journey.  Rose Mary is a testament to all who know her that she is not going to give up. Rose Mary reached out to everyone present, providing everyone with courage and faith to persevere, no matter the challenges that lie before us. Today she is known as “NED”: No Evidence of Disease!

The day brought restoration and a calling for closeness to our God, calling us away from the distractions. We need to find a community of faithful friends who are interested in growing in holiness. Good and holy friendships are meant to live Christ-like lives, walking in faith.

Beth Hendrickson belongs to St. Ann Parish in Morganfield.

Rose Mary Trowbridge gives her testimony during the Feb. 3 Joy, Laughter, and Holiness Women’s Retreat in Uniontown, Ky. COURTESY OF BETH HENDRICKSON

Originally printed in the March 2024 issue of The Western Kentucky Catholic.

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