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Fr. Stephen Van Lal Than

Sr. Margaret Ann Aull, OSU, speaks to the guests at her July 10 retirement party at Immaculate Parish. COURTESY OF STEVE ROCCO

Sr. Margaret Ann Aull retires from Immaculate Parish


Sr. Margaret Ann Aull, OSU, Immaculate Parish’s coordinator of pastoral care, retired on June 30, 2022, although she still will visit the homebound and nursing home residents two-and-a-half mornings a week.

On July 10, more than 150 parishioners came to a dinner in the parish hall to honor her. At the dinner, she was presented with numerous gifts by both the parish and by individual parishioners and friends.

An Ursuline Sister for 69 years, Sr. Margaret Ann is from Knottsville. In her ministry she has worked with RCIA candidates, been an instructor for baptism as well as being a teacher. In fact, Sr. Margaret Ann from 1968-1971 taught 7th and 8th graders in what once was Immaculate School.

Sr. Margaret Ann became the parish’s coordinator of pastoral care beginning in 2010.

Parishioner Linda Rocco shared: “Sr. Margaret Ann Aull, is an angel of peace to the sick and infirm. The first time I was with her when she visited a patient at a nursing home, she started praying for the patient and I thought how can someone pray for that long for a sick person? After we left the nursing home facility, I asked Sister to remember to pray those same prayers over me if I am ever in need of prayers. By the way, the patient she prayed for seemed to just fall into calm and deep joy.”

We wish Sr. Margaret Ann much joy in her retirement!

Fr. John Vaughan, pastor of Immaculate Parish, thanks and congratulates Sr. Margaret Ann Aull, OSU, for her service to the parish at a July 10 dinner. COURTESY OF STEVE ROCCO

Friends of Sr. Margaret Ann Aull, OSU, extend their arms in support as she receives a prayer and blessing from Fr. John Vaughan. Sr. Margaret Ann has been Immaculate Parish’s coordinator of pastoral care for 12 years and has been an Ursuline Sisters for 69 years. COURTESY OF STEVE ROCCO

A portion of this article was originally printed in the July 17, 2022 bulletin of Immaculate Parish in Owensboro. It has been reprinted with permission.

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