‘It was St. Joseph all along’

Once upon a time there was a man named Joseph. He was betrothed to the (literally) perfect woman, Mary, who was suddenly pregnant. An angel appeared to Joseph and explained that Mary’s child was the Son of God, and Joseph was being entrusted with His care.

Hispanic Catholics embrace virtual prayer opportunities during pandemic

Zoom was a word that just about a year ago, I had not even heard of, or if I did, I was just not paying attention. Everything was going fine gathering in person for years. Reluctantly though, and just like many other ministries, I have befriended Zoom, the video conferencing platform. It has now become a welcomed companion, a tool to be used to communicate, connect, pray and share the Gospel with others.

‘Surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses…”

Next time that you travel a county road or a highway, take notice of the crosses. You know the ones, the roadside memorials. Every cross represents a life that was lost, lost very near that spot where the cross was erected. Someone wanted that life lost to be remembered, to keep a reminder of that life visible to all who passed by. It’s a tender tribute, even melancholy, in its quiet way of remembering.

Reflections on racism

Black lives matter! Blacks have fought for America’s freedom in every war since the Revolutionary War. We have proudly built and contributed in many ways, on every level, to the excellence of the United States of America and to the Catholic Church – as slaves and eventually as citizens. It is time for an acknowledgement that we are inferior to no one and that we are truly full-fledged members of the family of God.