January 8, 2024 | Source & Summit
Fr. Stephen Van Lal Than

Baptism of Jesus Christ in the Jordan, 1964. Jerzy Nowosielski, 1923—2011. From Wikiart.

Source & Summit: Baptism of the Lord

(The faithful) taking part in the Eucharistic sacrifice, which is the source and summit of the whole Christian life, offer the Divine Victim to God, and themselves along with it. 

-The Second Vatican Council fathers in Lumen Gentium, #11

Source & Summit is a feature of The Western Kentucky Catholic online, celebrating the National Eucharistic Revival: Year of Parish Revival. Intended to help Catholics of our parishes to probe the riches of our liturgical year and celebrate the liturgy well, the column will always start with the Bible readings for the Mass of the Day to help us reflect on, and help to “unpack” and expand our experiences at liturgy into the domestic church (the home) and the workplace.

Sunday reflections will be based on the Lord’s Day, the Liturgy, the Eucharist, and, occasionally, community.


Monday, January 8, 2024:

The Baptism of the Lord



Isaiah 55:1—11

Psalm 29: 1—4, 9—10

Mark 1: 7—11


Originally part of the Epiphany liturgy (celebrated yesterday), this feast’s Gospel is that of the Baptism of Jesus, where his divine sonship is revealed to all.  The Preface to the Eucharistic Prayer, proclaimed only today, celebrates the Servant Christ who “has been anointed with the oil of gladness and sent to bring good news to the poor.”

Through our own baptism, through water and oil and the Holy Spirit, ours is a share in that mystery.



Who is my servant, where is she?  My light to the nations, where is he…

In prison and palace my gospel who told, and living, my gospel became?

This is my servant, whom I shall uphold.  His name is Christ is her name.


Who answers to slander with silence, and vengeance returns not for violence?

Who shouts to the darkness in people grown cold a word that shall set them aflame?

This is my servant, whom I shall uphold.  His name is Christ is her name.


Who sing of my love in their living?  Whose days are a prayer of thanksgiving?

Who seek not the glamour of glory and gold, for I am their fortune and fame?

This is my servant, whom I shall uphold.  His name is Christ is her name.


Who stand in the storm like a beacon with hope for the ravaged and weakened?

Whose presence is healing for young and for old, to friend and to stranger the same?

This is my servant, whom I shall uphold.  His name is Christ is her name.


Who choosing the way I will show them will trust that I care for my chosen?

Where is the spouse who is faithful to one, and thus to the children proclaims:

“This, my beloved, is my daughter, my son.  His name is Christ.  Christ is her name.” 


Rory Cooney, © 2001, OCP.  All rights reserved.  Used with permission.


-Michael Bogdan


To learn more about the Diocese of Owensboro’s celebration of the National Eucharistic Revival, visit https://owensborodiocese.org/eucharistic-revival/.

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