‘I am a key to peace’ – Bishop Soenekker’s 1973 Christmas message

The Christmas season has the power to bring out the best in all of us. Giving, gathering, and sharing, this time of year we become more Christlike than any other. It is almost paradoxical that our heightened joy during Christmas exists alongside the sadness that we can feel when we reflect on the state of the world during these cold, early nights. That sadness perhaps comes from the most Christlike parts of us.

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The Lord teaches how to serve

Perhaps one of the greatest gifts Jesus gave to us is powerfully and dramatically presented to us in John’s Gospel – specifically, John 13:1-5. In the humble act of washing feet, Jesus teaches us how to serve.

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The Incarnation of Jesus: God with skin on

A little boy was having trouble sleeping and his parent came into his room and said, “You know that God is always with you, right?” To which he responded, “I know Mama, but I want a God with skin on.” Often when we see God working in our lives, it is through people that are cooperating with God’s grace.

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Praying, healing, and rebuilding a year after the tornadoes

On the night of Dec. 10, 2021, I was not watching television and was not aware of the reports of tornado warnings across western Kentucky. Storms were never severe in Owensboro where I was that night, so I slept well. When I awoke on the morning of the 11th I checked into my regular news apps, and I began to learn of the devastation across our diocese.

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